Monday : Cathy  Miumiu  Chloe Valria  Annie Jasmine Mélissa

Tuesday : Anna  Marry  Amber 10am-4pm Marlee 4pm-10pm Jasmine  Chloe

Wednesday: Joanna  Miumiu  Valria   Selina  Evenly  Jolie

Thursday : Miumiu  Selina Chloe  Jasmine  Valria  Marlee 4pm-10pm

Friday : Mélissa  Joanna  Chloé Valria  Amber 10am-4pm Anna

Saturday: Jasmine Marlee  Evenly  Kate  Valria

Sunday: Marlee  Kate  Chloe Evenly  Melissa Valria  Jolie (2clients )

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