This practice has a dual origin. On the one hand, the Chinese practiced it during Antiquity. On the other hand, in the West, one of the first works on the subject was published in 1582 by two European doctors, Dr. Adamus and Dr. Atatis. Exercising a sustained pressure with fingertips on reflex areas or points on the feet, reflexology is designed to provide relief to all kinds of diseases: headaches, back pain, stress, etc.

Tuina is the oriental body therapy used in China for
2000 years.

Although less known in the Western world, this
approach is the origin of several types of Japanese massage, for example, Amma and Shiatsu.

Taught in China in about 30 universities of traditional Chinese medicine, Tuina, as a therapeutic modality, promotes blood and energy circulation and helps to reduce pain.


$ 60
45 minutes
60 minutes --- $80
90 minutes --- $120
120 minutes --- $160
Swedish massage is one of the most commonly offered massage techniques. The technique amis to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension.


$ 90
60 minutes
45 minutes --- $60
90 minutes --- $130
Alleviates sore muscles and eases tension by going beyond the usual sup.


$ 50
30 minutes
45 minutes --- $60
60 minutes --- $80
90 minutes --- $120
Califormian massage treatments are characterized by large fluid movements coupled with firm pressure. By grounding the individual in their body. this technique promotes emotional well-being.
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